Sunday, September 9, 2007

MacBeth Macbeth

You're supposed to learn things in school.
Since high school, I have read MACBETH several times, but I never learned, or never thought about the name MACBETH. Maybe I have never seen it written correctly. Indeed, every time it appears in our copy of the play, it is in all caps.

Outside of school, a friend of mine who reads things about names or something for some reason, quite unexpectedly brought to my attention that MACBETH is a first name, not a patronymic. I was astonished to discover that I had been living a lie. This whole time, on some level, I have always thought of Macbeth as MacBeth. How foolish of me.

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CLAY BANES said...

also, if you say the name of the scottish play in a theater, you're fucked.