Saturday, December 15, 2007


Let's say you're the type of person who is so addicted to Shakespeare that you would travel to a small town in Virginia just to see a few plays.

You will definitely end up in Staunton. There, there is a place called Blackfriars. It is the brainchild of Ralph Cohen, who I think is a genius, who wrote a book called Shakesfear, which I like very much so far but haven't finished.

But when you leave Shakespeare's world, you'd think that you'd be stuck in small-town USA, but you'd be wrong. There's a restaurant/bar that brings the urbane to main street America. It's called Zynodoa, and if you eat there, you just might think that you have been transported into the big city. The food is fantastic and the drinks are wonderful. They have a good beer selection, and everything anyone would ever want from a fancy restaurant in NYC, including incredible service, nice bathrooms, and clean chic decor.

The only reason I didn't eat there every day I was in Staunton is because they only have two Vegetarian dishes. On my last day there, they explained to me that they could have substituted something with something else, but I like ordering things on the menu. Plus, I hate asking for no meat and paying as much as someone who ate the animal. I have asked some other vegetarians about an aversion to substitutions, and I am not alone. If the substitution is on the menu, it makes it easier for everyone.

So, go to Staunton, See a play, and eat and drink at Zynodoa. Everyone should feel at home on Main St. USA, and Zynodoa does that for urbanites like me.

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She'saPistol said...

Six adults dined at Zynodoa. We all ordered starters--some of us were lucky enough to order the lobster bisque (pure heaven, though no evidence of any lobster pieces) and we all had main courses. When the wait person showed up to ask if we wished for dessert, we all spontaneously shouted, "YES!", as we were all still famished.
After the beautiful toy food and toy desserts we all walked away, still hungry.