Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Theater is Pornography

Jack Morgan cracking up at Peet's Coffee's idiocyI am sitting here trying to review Woman's Will's great Macbeth. I'm in Orange County, California, Newport Beach. The only cafe around here is Peet's Coffe & Tea.

I try to get onto the to get some skinny, and it turns out, Peet's filter thinks it's porn. Woman's Will is a theater troupe that does Shakespearean productions with an all-woman cast. Although that might seem pornographic to some imbeciles, it is definitely not.

When my laptop told me that Woman's Will was pronography, I actually said out loud "you gotta be fucking kidding me!" I started laughing, but now I'm a little angry. I hate internet filters. I hate anything that tells me what is taboo and what isn't. To build a fence around an acting group that does community outreach and education is reprehensible, more reprehensible than anything I can find online. There is a lot of nasty shit online, and this is worse, Peet's Coffee & Tea, this is worse.


The Traveling Osborns said...

So... what *did* you think? Adaptor Erin Merritt here—just came across the blog in a google search and would love to pass your comments on to our actors...

Sky Jack Morgan said...

There's a review at
I loved the production.