Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Horror, Horror, Horror.

'God help thee, poor monkey'

Dani Loebs plays lady MacDuff in one of the sweetest scenes in Shakespeare's plays. Well, it starts off sweet. It doesn't end well for Lady MacDuff and her poor monkey. But it ends well for Dani Loebs. Her scream as she exits startles me every time. It is a great scream. She would be great in a horror film.

The good guy scenes in Macbeth are interminable. They drag out as we wait to see what's happening with the Macbeth's. But with Dani Loebs and Kali Peterson, things are different. We might sneak down the street to see what's going on with the spooky neighbors, but we really want to hang out at the MacDuff house.

But man, that scream!

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