Monday, November 26, 2007

Pictures were taken at the last performance. Don't you hate it when people take a million pictures of something, pictures you really want to see, that never emerge? Whenever a picture exists that you despise and want to hide, you can't escape it. Everything embarrassing finds its way online. Everything you want to brag about must be taken on your word, like that time I sang and danced all night with Jack Hirschman.

I miss rehearsal. Professional actors must constantly feel as if they are losing friends. I have moved a lot. I have not lived in the same place for over three years. But every couple of months imust be pretty intense.

Ever think about As You Like It?
There's a lot there to think about. But I'd like to design a poster for the UCLA Bard's upcoming production of the play, and I think that there are very few images that people remember from the play that can come through in an abstract fashion on a poster. I've been asking friends about what images come to their minds when they think of As You Like It, and most say something about the wrestling match between Orlando and the sinewy Charles.

I think I've got something now, but I must say that it has opened a veritable can of worms for me. I want to design a poster for every play. I think I just might.

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