Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pimp My Shakespeare

Since I am pimping Shakespeare these days more than ever, I have decided to own it. I think I will have more graphics on this blog. More graphics and more flashy shit that really gets people "excited" about coming to see a play.

Also, if you are a writer or a blogger and want to score some tickets, you should promise me that you will blog or publish by traditional means a review about a show at the American Shakespeare Center. I will hook you up like it's nobody's business. That's how I roll.

Thanks to Bryan Coffelt for this graphic. The thing I like about Bryan Coffelt is that he can really put away a burrito. He also has no problem pimping in the rain. Go Bryan Coffelt!


Dana Werd said...

Hi Jack! Nice blog. Will we see you in the Glen this summer for a bit of "Dream" and "JC"? Hope so. As always, I look forward to your musings, now with added bling! - Dana W. @ SSC

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I love the bling. Shakespeare needs more bling.

Saint Blake the Dark said...

Hello, Jack. Great blog! I don't check my own blog that often so your comment passed under my radar for a month. Its a shameless pleasure to promote the ASC and I just might take you up on your sweet hook-up deal. What do you do for the ASC exactly?