Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shakespeare's Mulberry Cup

This makes me want to plant a mulberry tree so that I can cut it down ten years later and carve a cup out of it. Then I will give it to someone, and they will put it into a museum so that I will forever be in that cup freshly remembered.

Shakespeare allegedly wrote this about his mulberry cup as a toast.

Behold this fair goblet, 'twas carved from the tree,
Which, Oh my sweet Shakespeare was planted by thee;
As a relic, I kiss it, and bow at the shrine;
What comes from thine hand, must eer be divine.
All shall yield to the Mulberry Tree
Bend to thee, Blest Mulberry ;
MatchIess was he who planted thee
And thou, like him immortal shall be.
Don't know if I believe that this was Shakespeare's bag, but it's interesting enough. I found out about this here and here, where there is also a drawing of a pewter cup Billy Shakes supposedly carved his name into at the Mermaid.

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